Percy began playing ukulele at an early age, beginning by imitating the George Formby 78s he found in the attic.

He played with a trad jazz band at school, Dr Jazz, and began entertaining all round the area doing George Formby songs, and magic!

After drama school he went on to perform in theatre and TV and then landed a job at Disney in France. He went for a year and ended up staying for 23, playing and singing in bands all round the park.

The ukulele has always stayed with him and he now enjoys playing songs from jazz and ragtime, Tin Pan Alley, country, blues, Hawaiian...etc with a strong right hand rhythm and fingerpicking solos.
Percy performs solo, or accompanied, using different types of ukulele - tenor, soprano, resonator, uke-banjo - singing a variety of songs from 20s/30s to more modern too. Jazz, blues, country, etc all with energy and fun!
Percy teaches one to one at home or within reasonable distance, by Skype or in small groups.

Songs, chords, strums, right hand rhythm... Music theory for ukulele.
Fingerpicking, chords and solos...

Learn new techniques, improve your own style - take the uke beyond the group session for more personal enjoyment and playing.
Percy can teach workshops for your ukulele group or festival for a fun and educative group activity.

Percy has taught many workshops including several times at the renowned music camp SoreFingers based in Oxfordshire (on other instruments too) as well as other camps in France etc.

Workshops can be on rhythms, strums, songs, basic music theory for your ukulele, fingerpicking lead solos and chords etc.
Any workshop can be constructed to suit your needs and desires.
Videos - click here